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18+. T&Cs apply.

Monopoly Slingo Slot

  • Progressive Jackpot: No
  • Software: Gaming Realms
  • Paylines: N/A
  • Reels: 5
  • Payout Percentage: 95.30%

Monopoly Slingo at Foxy Games

This lets you game away on two of the biggest games around, Slingo & Monopoly!

Monopoly Slingo blends the old with the new by taking features from the beloved board game and turning them into top Slingo features.

For example, the board game’s iconic characters have been converted into different volatility levels. If you pick the dog, you can get eight rolls for your stake amount, up to four extra ones and a top prize of £5,000. If you choose the car, you’ll get seven rolls, six extras, and a max win of £15,000.

There are even the Chance and Community Chest, and these work the same as they would as if you were playing the board game, so you can game away already knowing how to play! Roll the dice on every spin to move around the board and mark off properties as you land them. These act as multipliers and if you land a whole set of them multipliers will be added to all prizes in the win ladder.

Ready to discover if you’re a property kingpin of London?

How to play Monopoly Slingo

To first try and get on the property ladder, you first need to set a volatility you’re happy to game away with. The other two symbols we didn’t go over earlier are the battleship which gives you seven rolls, eight extra rolls, and a top prize of £25,000 and the T-Rex which again gives you seven rolls, but infinite extra rolls and a top prize of £40,000.

Once you’ve picked a level your comfortable with, it’s time to set your bet and play! The grid isn't made up of numbers like on usual Slingo games, but instead with Monopoly cards. You roll dice to move your chosen counter around and wherever it lands decides which cards are removed.

Features on Monopoly Slingo

The Chance and Community Chest elements are included along with passing ‘Go’. Rather than getting cash for doing it like in the board game, cash is added to the Free Parking square and if you land on that, you win the pot. Another difference that makes it stand out from other Slingo games is the Joker character. Here, he’s been added to the board and if you land on him, you unlock the bonus game. 

Here you get to choose from nine playing cards, one of which has a cash prize that you’ll win if you pick the right card.

What else is there at Foxy Games?

At Foxy Games, we’re rooted in our mission to give you the best games around —we offer titles of all shapes and sizes, from huge jackpots that’ll test your spinning skills, to cheap and cheerful ones you can relax with a cuppa on the settee with. So if board game themed Slingo games are not yor thing no worries our Slingo selection is very wide so you will find something for sure.

Then there are Foxy’s Jackpots where it’s a dash for cash with three different jackpots you can win. You can enter any one of them from as little as 10p. Some drop on certain days of the week, some are split between players and more!

And that’s not all! Not only are you spoilt for choice games wise, but we’ve also got our exciting Boost Missions! These are challenges within games that can take your wins to another level. For example, you may have to find your way through mazes as you play a particular slot to win prize chests that are waiting on the other side. So take a look at our exciting slot games.

Safer Gambling at Foxy Games

Foxy Games is a strong supporter of responsible gambling meaning that everything we do is to ensure you’re safe when you are playing with us. We’re such strong supporters, that we established ‘Changing for the Bettor’—a safe gambling strategy that’s purpose-built to reduce the risk of harm to Foxy Games players.

We also help reduce harm in other ways. You can set a limit on the amount you spend on-site, whenever that be daily, weekly or monthly, plus you can introduce a Time-Out or Self Exclusion period at any time to avoid your playing getting out of your control. If you want to find out more about this or any other information on responsible gambling, please visit our policy page or email us at

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If you want to find out any more about Monopoly Slingo, any promotions we have, or anything information about your account, you can contact us and our Foxy Games team will solve your questions as best they can with their expert advice.