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⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 4.4

18+. T&Cs apply.

Slingo Advance

  • Progressive jackpot: Yes
  • Software: GAMEIOM
  • Starting spins: 10
  • Extra spins: 8
  • Payout Percentage: 95%
Slingo Advance

Slingo Advance at Foxy Games

Aim high on the superstar Slingo Advance! This cool edition of the Slingo selection rockets you away to retro outer space where your mission is to unlock more rows for more spins. Think you can land on one of three jackpots? Strap yourself in on Slingo Advance at Foxy Games and let’s get ready for blast off!

  • Game: Slingo.
  • Payout percentage: 95%.
  • Starting spins: 10.
  • Extra spins: 8.

How to play Slingo Advance

Fire up Slingo Advance and get ready to soar towards a cool, computer-style universe where there are plenty of ways to land on a big final pay-out!

Slingo games combine a spinning reel plus a grid of digits. So, they work like standard bingo except for you mark off numbers by spinning the reel and matching them up. Whether you’re using mobile, desktop or tablet, the aim of Slingo Advance is to get a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of five numbers, which will then turn into stars. But that’s not all. On Slingo Advance, you’re also on a mission to complete an ‘X’ or a ‘T’ shape on the grid with your marked-off digits!

Every time you spin, you'll see five numbers on the reel below the five-by-five grid. Usually, you get around eight or ten spins for your whole slingo game and simply whirl through them to mark off numbers across your grid. But in Slingo Advance, you have a mission! This is to start with just one spin and go up the ‘levels’ by matching numbers, like this:

  • First spin: match one number on row one to open next row for another spin.
  • Second spin: match two numbers on row two to open next row for another spin.
  • Third spin: match three numbers on row three to open next row for another spin.
  • Fourth spin: match four numbers on row four to open next row for another spin and so on.

You win cash for each match and every slingo you complete. Now, how about we check out those bonus features?

Extras on Slingo Advance

Slingo Advance isn’t your ordinary game. so of course, it comes with a few bonus features to help you make slingos, move up ‘levels’ and win bigger prizes. Check out what can land on your reels to help you match those digits:

  • Joker: this neon icon lets you mark off any number from the column above where it lands.
  • Free Spins: gives you an extra spin.
  • Advance: a cool symbol that reveals the next row and awards another spin to help you on your mission.
  • Blocker: beware—these prevent making a match on the column!

Even better, Slingo Advance comes packed with a cosmic THREE possible jackpots. You can win one by getting a full house on your grid, one for marking off digits in an ‘X’ shape, and one for completing a ‘T’ outline. Which one do you think you’ll pocket?

Buckle up and hold on tight for big winning chances and galaxies of good times on Slingo Advance at Foxy Games.

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Slingo Advance is one of our most fun and exciting slingo games. After you’ve finished giving it a go, why not check out what else we have that might be your style?

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