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⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 4.1

18+. T&Cs apply.

The Goonies Return Slot

  • Progressive jackpot: No
  • Software: Blueprint Gaming
  • Paylines: 20
  • Reels: 5
The Goonies Return Slot

The original Goonies movie hit the scene way back in 1985. So, it’s been nearly forty years since we last had anything to watch where the classic story is concerned. However, you could say that the film has been kept alive over the last several decade's thanks to the impact it has had on other areas of entertainment. One of those areas is slot games. 2018 saw the release of the original The Goonies video slot, an authentic experience developed by Blueprint Gaming. And while there have long been calls for a reboot of the iconic movie, there have since been calls for more of the same from Blueprint.

And thankfully, Blueprint Gaming were listening. The Goonies Return is the sequel to their 2018 smash hit, which was immediately well received in the slot game world. We may not have a sequel to the iconic 1985 film release, but in The Goonies Return, Blueprint delivers with aplomb. They know that the original slot based on their movies was great, primarily because of how authentic it is. But, they also know they can add more to it, which is what they do here. It’s a case of keeping what worked well and bringing more to the table.

So, what has changed? Well, one thing that is immediately noticeable is that the top prize that is winnable has been significantly increased. Now punters can get their hands on a payout worth a whopping 50,000x their bet, which is nothing to be sniffed at. And while there are new additions, we also see Blueprint continue with many of the elements that made the original instalment the excellent game it is. For example, again, punters can trigger multiple bonus modifiers and features. And, everything still has that classic Goonies vibe and feel.

The Goonies Return Feature Symbols

If there is one thing from the original release in this game series that everyone will want to see carry over into The Goonies Return, it’s obviously the authentic experience the game provides. And the way that Blueprint Gaming deliver the levels of authenticity that they do throughout the series is through the artwork and design. We mentioned earlier how in this instalment, Blueprint are going to stick with everything that works, and thankfully, this is an area where this applies.

In terms of the icons on the reels, there are royals, but there are only four of them – J, Q, K and A. Blueprint makes the playing card symbols look the part through their font and design, which is excellent to see. But, of course, it's the icons relating to The Goonies that everyone wants to see, and they include Chunk, Mouth, Data, Mikey, One-Eyed Willy and the iconic pirate flag.

The Goonies Return Bonuses and Jackpots

In the first instalment of The Goonies slot series by Blueprint Gaming, we were treated to modifiers and bonus features aplenty. And, as we keep saying, The Goonies Return is a video slot that takes everything good from the original, carrying it forward. So, learning that there are seven One-Eyed Willy modifiers from the get-go is music to our ears from the off.

And, you can guarantee that there isn’t going to be any disappointment on the features front. We again get six features to explore, and there are perks galore, as they say. So, free spins, symbol upgrades, and streak respins all feature. And while all of these elements, including the modifiers, are fun. They’re also advantageous.

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Now, in some cases, you will hear people tell you that the original version of something, be it a song, film or game, is the best. But, we think The Goonies Return, the second instalment in a hit slot series by Blueprint Gaming, is the pick of the couple of titles out there. But, maybe give its reels a spin, and then the original’s, to find out for yourself.