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Big Money Slingo Bonus


Big Money Slingo Bonus is a bingo-slots hybrid that is currently taking the Foxy Games world by storm. Slingo games are produced exclusively by IWG, and there are several different titles in the series.

This slot is based on the hit instant win, Big Money Slingo, but the difference with this version is that it contains an exciting Wheel Bonus Mini-Game.

The prizes on offer are linked to the size of your bet, so if you choose to play with the minimum of 50p per game, you have the chance to take home up to £5,000 whereas wagering the maximum of £15 per game makes you eligible for a potential top prize of £150,000!

There are twelve different ways to win prizes in every game, the amounts of which are indicated around the game card.

Why we love it

Despite being a completely unique game, Big Money Slingo Bonus is really simple to pick up. So, if you’ve never encountered Slingo before, don’t be afraid to give it a try!

Each game uses a five-by-five grid of numbers, and the aim is to complete as many lines (N.B., Slingos) as possible in a horizontal, diagonal or vertical direction. You can cross off the numbers on the grid by spinning the reels which are situated at the bottom of the screen. But, before you start spinning, up to four Jokers are added to random locations on the grid and they count as free squares.

You have six spins in total to try and make as many winning lines as you can, and each time that you spin the reels, five numbers or special symbols appear on the reel set. If one or more of the numbers matches a number or numbers on the grid, it/they are marked with a pink star. If a Slingo is created, the respective winning line is marked with red stars on a blue background.

The special symbols that can land on the reels are the Free Spins symbol which awards one extra free spin, and the Key symbol. You need five Keys to trigger the Wheel Bonus Mini-Game in which you can score additional prizes.


● Choose from the following bet amounts: £0.50, £1.00, £2.00, £5.00, £10.00 or £15.00.
● Click the icon with three horizontal white bars to mute the sounds if you so desire or read the full rules of the game.
● Toggle the Auto button below the Spins button to set up Auto-play.
● Click the ‘I’ button to see a brief overview of how the game works.
● Click Play to confirm your bet size and start the game.


If the Free Spin symbol lands on the reels, you gain an additional spin at no extra cost.


The Joker symbol is the fellow wearing a court jester’s hat, and up to four are added to the grid in random positions at the beginning of every game. The Joker acts like a free square on a bingo card or a wild symbol in an online slot. It, therefore, makes it easier to create winning lines.


Every Key symbol that appears on the reels while you’re playing Big Money Slingo Bonus adds one key to the meter on the top-right of the game screen.


Once you’ve collected five keys, the Wheel Bonus Mini-Game is unlocked. Press the Start button to spin the wheel, and when the wheel stops spinning, you receive the prize that it stopped on.

Return To Player

RTP is 87.5%. Malfunction voids all plays and payouts.