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Cash Buster


Cash Buster is brought to you by the makers of Slingo – IWG (Instant Win Games) – and it’s an instant win game that proved so popular that it’s spawned two sequels! It offers you a unique playing experience with a twist, and its colourful, shiny blocks can produce big wins.

As it’s not an online slot, you don’t need to worry about reels and spins. Instead, you simply need to roll a dice and try and match the colour that it lands on to the coloured blocks on the game grid.

When you get a match, all blocks of symbols that are the same colour are destroyed, causing the relevant line on the prize table to be filled. When a complete row of the prize table is filled or the dice destroys an instant win block, you get a prize.

Why we love it

Easy-peasy gameplay is what Cash Buster is all about, so you’ll get the hang of it in no time at all. Each bet that you place entitles you to eight spins of the dice, and following every roll, the dice displays a colour (N.B., blue, green, orange, red, purple or yellow).
If the colour that the dice lands on matches any of the blocks that are currently displayed in the Cash Buster Zone, they’re removed from the screen, and the same number of slots are filled on the respective meter on the prize table. For example, if three green blocks are destroyed, the green row of the prize table is filled by three slots.

Another thing you should be aware of is that Cash Buster awards prizes based on how much money you’re playing with. So, for example, at the minimum stake of 50p per game, the instant win prizes are worth 50p, £1, and £2.50, and the highest amount you can win on the prize table is £5,000. If you choose to play with the maximum bet of £15, the instant win prizes are worth £15p, £30, and £75, and the highest amount you can win on the prize table is an incredible £150,000!

This game allows you eight rolls of the dice for every bet that you place. So, if you choose to wager 50p, each roll effectively costs just over 6p! And, considering you can win up to £5,000 while playing with the minimum stake of 50p, that seems like excellent value to us!

Once you’ve got to grips with how the game works and, hopefully, won some juicy cash prizes in the process, you can take your playing experience to the next level by trying its two sequels, Super Cash Buster and Cash Buster Towers at Foxy Casino, which include extra bonus features and bigger and better prizes.


● Start by setting your preferred stake size from the following options: £0.50, £1, £2, £5, £10 or £15.
● Click the menu icon to access the sound settings and the rules.
● Click the Play button located below the stake amount when you’re ready to get started.
● When the game ends, you can play again at the same stake as the previous game by clicking the Play button.


You can win prizes by filling up any of the six meters on the prize table, and also by revealing instant win blocks.


If you destroy an Extra Roll block, you get another free roll of the dice.


Some of the blocks in Cash Buster are labelled with monetary values. If you destroy one of these blocks, you win the amount advertised.

Return To Player

RTP is 85.03%. Malfunction voids all plays and payouts.