Mayan Bonus


Mayan Bonus is an exciting, new instant win from the makers of Cash Buster and Slingo games – IWG. It transports you to the ancient world of the Mayan people in what’s now Mexico for an adventure to remember, and the chance to take home a top payout of £150,000!

In Slingo games, you usually spin a set of reels (a little bit like how you play an online slot), and in Cash Buster and its sequels, the roll of the dice determines the game outcome. But, in Mayan Bonus, the gameplay is more unique. The action occurs on a circular wheel, around which you’ll see nine tribal masks and an inner circle containing nine bonus slots.

Each time the wheel spins when you press the “Play” button, it will land on one of these masks upon which the mask will either reveal a cash amount or a golden ball. You need to find three matching cash amounts to win a prize, but the golden balls can help you unlock the thrilling bonus game.

Why we love it

The ancient civilisation theme and the mysterious Mayan wheel on which the gameplay centres make Mayan Bonus one of the most intriguing and exciting instant win games you’ll ever play.
This Game allows you to hunt for hidden treasure both quickly and easily.All you need to do is reveal ancient artefacts by destroying the tribal masks that the wheel lands on, and as soon as you’ve found three matching cash values, you’re a winner!

The prizes that are up for grabs are linked to your chosen bet amount. So, for example, if you choose to play using the minimum bet of 50p, the maximum you can win is £5,000, and if you opt for the maximum bet of £15, you stand to win £150,000. As you may have noticed, the top payout is worth ten thousand times your stake regardless, so it’s fair to players with varying budgets.

But, this Instant Win isn’t just about matching the cash amounts that the tribal masks are hiding. You can also score instant prizes through the thrilling bonus game. Unlocking the bonus game is simple as you just need to locate nine golden balls to fill up all of the slots in the inner bonus wheel. And, once you’re in, the wheel randomly lands on one of the eight sections to determine your reward.
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● To begin, pick your preferred stake size from the following options: £0.50, £1, £2, £3, £5, £10 or £15.
● Click the pink “I” button to view the paytable.
● Click the pink button with three horizontal yellow lines to read the rules. N.B., you’ll also find a speaker symbol situated above the rules that allows you to disable/enable the game sounds.
● Click the Play button when you’re ready to get started.
● When the game ends, you can have another try at the same stake as the previous game by clicking the Play button again.


To win, you’ll need to locate three matching prize amounts on the wheel.


To trigger the Bonus Game, you must find golden balls. Each golden ball that’s revealed completes one of the nine Bonus Game slots. Once triggered, you simply click the “Play” button in the middle of the bonus wheel, and whatever prize the wheel lands on becomes yours instantly!

Return To Player

RTP is 89.86%. Malfunction voids all plays and payouts.