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Blackjack For Beginners

Right you lot, if you’re going to have a decent crack at Blackjack it’s essential that you know the basics.

Blackjack is one of our all-time favourite casino games because it offers excellent odds (relative to some other games) even for beginners. All have to do is understand the basic strategy and you’re away. Play at our casino and you don’t even have to worry about taking that awkward first seat at the blackjack table. You can sit wherever you like, the couch, on your commute, a park bench… you get the picture.

The aim of the game

Getting your head around blackjack is a breeze. The aim of the game is to score a higher hand than the dealer without busting. The best score you can get is 21. The closer you get to 21, the greater your chance of winning the hand. If you score more than 21 you bust.

To start the game one of our dealers will throw you a couple of cards. Your cards will be dealt face up, while the dealer will have one face down and one face up. You should add up the value of your cards. The cards 2 - 10 are assigned a score based on their face value. Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth 10 points each. The Ace is worth either 1 or 11, it’s your choice.

You can ‘stand’ and choose to keep your hand as it is, or ‘hit’ and take another card from the deck. Push your score over 21 (don’t be greedy now) and the dealer wins. So keep hitting untill you reach 21, but make sure you don’t bust out!

How do you win the wonga?

You can beat the dealer in one of three ways:

  1. Score 21 points with your first two cards by getting an Ace and any ten-point card. This is called ‘blackjack’, and unless the dealer also scores a blackjack, you win!
  2. You get a higher final score than the dealer without busting
  3. The dealer draws additional cards and busts.

The blueprint

If you fancy a crack at this blackjack lark, understanding when to ‘hit’ and ‘stand’ is the absolute minimum you should know. The more you play blackjack the deeper you can go with the master plan until you become an expert.
Absolute beginners should think about standing on any score of 16 and above. This gives you a fair chance of winning the hand. Our dealers play by our rules, so they have to hit if the value of their hand is lower than 17, otherwise they’ll stand.

Side rules – splitting and doubling

This is the last thing you need to know to be ready to play at our tables. Immediately before you’ve taken anymore cards, you can choose to split or double down (or simply ‘double’) your hand.

Splitting - Feeling lucky? Then you can split two cards of the same face value to create another bet of the same size as the original. We always split Aces and 8s, but we don’t want to give away all of our secrets, so what do is up to you!
Doubling – Have you got the dealer’s number? Then put your money where your mouth is and double your original bet. You can double down on any hand but once you’ve doubled down you’ll only receive one more card from the dealer.

Time to hit the tables

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