Home v Casino

The game of roulette is probably a little bit older than you might think. The first incarnation of roulette was devised in 17th century France, but it was not until 1796 in Paris that the game was played in its current form. Since then, roulette has gone from strength to strength, making it one of the world’s most popular casino games.

Although roulette itself has changed very little over the years, the way people can play the game has made it more accessible than ever before. Yes, you can still slick back that hair, dust off that old suit and saunter down to the local casino to make your mark. But if that sounds too much like hard work, why not make yourself a tea and play this world renowned French game from the comfort of your own home? The choice is yours.

The advantages of playing at home

There are a few very distinct advantages associated with playing roulette from the privacy of your own home. Granted, it might not be quite as glitzy as the local casino, but at least you’ll save on the bus fare. Here’s our guide to why you might decide to stay put.

There’s no need to travel

If you’re serious about playing roulette then it’s well worth keeping your expenses down. If the cost of a taxi to and from the casino is £20, that’s £20 you need to win just to breakeven for the night. If you’re playing from home, at least you start on an equal footing. Simply flipping open your laptop is completely free so any winnings you make are pure profit.

You can play whenever you want

All you have to do to play roulette from home is to get online and create an account. It’s that easy. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, whether the casino’s actually open or if you’re in your pyjamas. For people working night shifts or unsociable hours, that means there’s always time to have a spin of the wheel.

You can play for free

When you’re a beginner at the game, it’s a real benefit to be able to play for free. This gives you the chance to develop your understanding of the rules without any money being involved. When you’re feeling confident, you can then start playing for small stakes. At Foxy Casino, you can play European Roulette for free for as long as you like.


Playing roulette at home allows you to take the game at your own pace. Online roulette can be played more quickly because you are the only one placing a bet. Your winnings are also calculated automatically without having to wait for the dealer. Alternatively, if you want to slow the pace right down, you can take a phone call or put the kettle on while you play. You call the shots.

The stakes are usually smaller

Online casinos allow you to play high stakes roulette if that’s the game for you, but you can also spin the wheel for much smaller stakes. The minimum ‘inside bet’ on a roulette table in most casinos is 50p or a £1. When betting online you can play with chips worth much less, so your money should go further.

You can switch casinos in a matter of minutes

If you want to switch casinos when you’re playing at home, you can. Whether it’s the high stakes or even the colour scheme of a particular online provider that’s putting you off, you can jump ship and be back at the roulette table in minutes.

There’s always plenty of space

Roulette tables in casinos can get quite busy, particularly at peak times. If there’s no room at a roulette table, you might have to switch to one of the casino’s computerised roulette machines, in which case, you probably should have just stayed at home.

The advantages of playing at a casino

The experience

If you’ve never been to a casino then you should go, at least once, just to sample the atmosphere. It’s impossible not to feel a little bit like James Bond when you’re wondering around a casino, even if all you have in your pocket is a handful of small change and an old receipt rather than a Walther PPK. Consider it an evening of entertainment, but one where you could actually win some money rather than spending it all.

The soft drinks are free (sometimes)

If you’re busy spending your money, a casino will usually do its best to keep you in place. In some casinos you can be busy planning your next bet, only to be interrupted by a waiter or waitress offering to get you a drink. In this the case it’s certainly worth asking if it’s on the house. If you do benefit from a free bevvie, it’s only cordial to give the waiter or waitress a tip. A single chip will do assuming you’re playing with a 50p or £1 stake.

You can play at live tables

The ability to play at live tables is certainly one of the biggest draws of playing roulette at a casino rather than at home. But if you think playing roulette at a real-life casino is the only to play with a real dealer, you’d be wrong. Most online casinos also offer live casino tables via a direct link to a real dealer. So, wherever you are, whether you’re at home on your computer or playing on your mobile on the move, you’ll always be able to enjoy that live table experience.

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