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Slingo Advance Online Slot Review

Slingo Advance is a Slingo Originals release, and you could describe it as advanced in several ways. Of course, in the main, Slingo titles like Slingo Cleopatra are based on luck alone, but in this one, an element of skill is involved along the way, which will undoubtedly be an attractive proposition for many players.

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The grid the game plays out on measures up at 5x5, which is pretty much standard, and there are twelve paylines in place. The action also plays out in a progressive style, with one row unlocked at the beginning of the game, and, therefore, the aim is to keep progressing through the levels, opening more rows along the way.

The way players can achieve the above is straightforward; they will need one matching number to unlock level two, then two to unlock level three, and so on. Each first spin, when stepping up to a new level, will be free, and there are also joker wilds that can come into play, which is where the skill element enters the fray.

Feature Symbols

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The joker wild will play a crucial role in Slingo Advance because it can mark off any number from the unlocked row above, but it’s up to the player to decide which. And this is where the skill element and strategising come into play. It’s also possible to have more than one joker wild active per round, making deciding which numbers to cover even more important.

There are also free spins symbols to watch out for, with said free spins being delivered at the end of each round. Now, the two icons that have the ability to put the cat amongst the pigeons are advance and block. Advance is positive and will unlock the next level, while block will block progress.

Bonuses and Jackpots

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Players will pick up wins when they complete horizontal lines and unlock levels above, but people will be pleased to know that success with combinations can lead to even bigger and better prizes.

  • 10,000x the bet for a full house
  • 2,500x the bet for two Slingos in a T shape
  • 1,000 the bet for two Slingos in an X shape
  • 100x the bet for a single diagonal Slingo
  • 50x the bet for a single vertical Slingo

Again, it makes playing joker wilds correctly crucial. If a player plays their cards right here, they could, perhaps, engineer great positions for themselves that will allow them to net one of the combination prizes detailed above. And if they have two in play, their chances of doing so will increase dramatically with the right strategy, that’s for sure.

Play Slingo Advance at Foxy Games

Slingo Advance, a Slingo Originals title, takes all the traditional Slingo goodies and adds a few fun extras to produce what many will feel is a fresh Slingo experience. All Slingo titles are games of chance, but there is skill involved here, which puts the player in control and will test them on their way to potential success. The possible prizes on offer for combinations are nothing to be sniffed at either. Try this and many other Slingo games at Foxy Games. Good luck!

Can I play Slingo Advance at Foxy Games?

Slingo Advance, and many other games from Slingo Originals, is available to play at Foxy Games.

Who created Slingo Advance?

Slingo Advance is a game from the respected Slingo Originals studio. It’s one that specialises in Slingo titles.

How do I trigger the bonus round?

There isn’t a traditional bonus round in Slingo Advance, but free spins symbols naturally lead to free spins at the end of each game.