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Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds

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Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds Online Slot Review

People in the know will tell you that Leonardo Da Vinci, who was alive in the 1400s, was ahead of his time. And, in the same breath, so is the combining of online slots and bingo, which we now know as Slingo. So it’s fitting that this Slingo Originals title is called Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds, with a focus on the artist and inventor.

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Those reading this review who are familiar with online slots probably recognise the name Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds because IGT developed a video slot with the same name, and it's from this game that Slingo Originals take inspiration. They also add a possible top prize of 5,000x, which should be music to everyone's ears.

Loading Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds will reveal a 5x5 grid containing 25 positions as standard, but there’s an extra row at the bottom of the game area, which is there to reveal random numbers. The ladder to the left is also important to monitor, as it details what players are in with a chance of winning.

Feature Symbols

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As mentioned above, the standard grid is 5x5 with 25 numbers. But it’s the row below the game area that’s crucial to proceedings, as these numbers will have to match with those above to produce wins. Before the game begins, selecting the stake is a process to go through, and it will also determine how much is winnable in terms of the top prize.

As always, the aim of the game in Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds is to match numbers and form Slingos. There will be eight spins per paid round, so landing Slingos must happen within eight turns, and if a player happens to make three or more Slingos, there will be a prize up for grabs.

Bonuses and Jackpots

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Talking of forming Slingos, if a player happens to land 8-12, it will trigger a free spins bonus round, which is the kind of thing you’d expect to see when spinning the reels of a video slot. The free spins will be played through on a separate 5x3 grid, and a unique set of symbols will be in play. 

It's often a case of the more of something, the better, in life, and the same applies with Slingos and free spins in Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds. 8 Slingos will deliver six free spins, 9 will present eight free rounds, there are ten free spins for 10 Slingos, and it's 12 for 12. What will also play a crucial role here is that the more free spins a player has, the bigger the win multiplier that will come into play, boosting the prize potential in a significant way.

Play Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds at Foxy Games

Slingo games have a habit of being a bit samey at times, but that’s certainly not the case when Slingo Originals are in town. Yes, they deliver a lot of traditional Slingo elements, but then they add unique elements such as a free spins bonus feature which is akin to what you’d see playing video slots online. And if you like this, why not try Slingo Cleopatra or Slingo Advance by Slingo Originals here at Foxy Games. Good luck!

Can I play Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds at Foxy Games?

Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds is one of several Slingo Original games available to play right now at Foxy Games.

Who made Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds?

Slingo Originals made Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds, among other Slingo titles.

How do I trigger the bonus round?

Players who want to trigger the free spins bonus round in Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds will need to land eight or more Slingos.