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Slingo Cleopatra

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Slingo Cleopatra Online Slot Review

As you step inside the ancient pyramids, you feel the weight of past centuries bearing down on your shoulders. The air is thick with mystery, and you can't help but wonder what secrets lie hidden within Slingo Cleopatra at Foxy Games. Fear not, adventurer, for you are about to embark on a journey of discovery like no other. As you make your way deeper into the heart of the pyramid, you will uncover potential treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

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At the centre of it, all lies the mysterious Cleopatra, the queen of the Nile herself. With her riches at your fingertips and her secrets waiting to be revealed, you'll be transported to a world of ancient wonders and timeless beauty. So brace yourself and prepare to enter a world of enchantment with Cleopatra, the latest title from Slingo Originals.

Feature Symbols

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As players journey deeper into the heart of the pyramid, they will uncover many Egyptian relics hidden within the game. Each symbol is imbued with this ancient civilisation's rich history and mystique. From the basic 9-K, which pays up to 100x the stake amount, to the A symbol, which pays up to 125x the stake, every relic has its own story to tell.

Even deeper, players will come across the Eye of Horus, a symbol that pays up to 250x their stake. This powerful symbol was believed to be a protective amulet in ancient times, guarding the wearer against evil spirits and the evil eye. Another relic on this journey is the Crossed Hook and Whip, which pays up to 250x the stake. This symbol is a representation of the gods Osiris and Seth and is associated with the ancient myth of the battle between these two deities.

Later on, players will discover the Fan and Scarab symbols. The Fan, paying up to 750x the stake, was a symbol of power and authority, often used by pharaohs as a sign of their royal status. The Scarab, also paying up to 750x the steak, was a symbol of rebirth and regeneration, as the beetle was believed to roll the sun across the sky each day.

Finally, you will uncover the two most powerful relics within the game: the Cleopatra wild and the Sphinx scatter. Cleopatra, the powerful queen of Egypt, serves as the wild in this game. She can substitute for any other symbol on the reels except for the Sphinx, helping players create winning combinations more easily. Additionally, any win that includes a Cleopatra wild will be doubled, giving players the chance to earn even bigger potential payouts.

The Sphinx, an iconic and mysterious statue found throughout ancient Egypt, serves as the scatter. If players land three or more Sphinx symbols on the reels, players will trigger the free spins bonus round.

Bonuses and Jackpots

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As players delve to the deepest ends of the pyramid, they’ll uncover the ultimate secret of the slot game: the Cleopatra Bonus Feature. This hidden relic can only be triggered by landing three or more Sphinx symbols within a single spin, and once they do, 15 free spins are theirs for the taking.

However, that's not the end of the road, dear adventurer. During these free spins, all wins (excluding Cleopatra symbols) will be tripled, giving players the chance to potentially win big with every spin. As an added bonus, the Sphinx symbol remains on the reels, allowing players to retrigger the free spins round and potentially earn up to a whopping 180 free spins in total!

Play Slingo Cleopatra at Foxy Games

As players exit the pyramid, they carry with them the knowledge of Cleopatra's riches and the secrets of the Sphinx. This Egyptian-themed slot is full of treasures waiting to be discovered, with beautiful graphics that keep players engaged for all eternity. Enjoy this slingo game at Foxy Games. Good luck!

Is Cleopatra a high-volatility slot game?

Yes, Cleopatra is a high-volatility slot game, meaning that players may experience long periods of time without a win, but the potential payouts are larger.

Can I play Cleopatra on my mobile device?

Yes, Cleopatra is available to play on mobile devices.

What is the maximum payout in Cleopatra?

The maximum payout in Cleopatra is 10,000x the line bet, which can be achieved during the Cleopatra Bonus Feature.